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A fully featured HMRC accredited payroll system with additional functionality to make life as a payroll manager as straightforward as possible.

Flexible and easy to use, Bradfield’s Payroll Services can be integrated with Bradfield HR Software’s additional modules, including HR and Time & Attendance, to provide a fully integrated system with a single database, ensuring no data is duplicated.

Bradfield’s Payroll Services differentiates itself from other payroll products by providing the user with the ability to re-run the payroll as many times as they wish, even for a single employee. Bradfield’s Payroll Services module also provides integration with the HMRC for the submission and receipt of End of Year (P14, P35) and In Year (P45(1), P45(3), P46, PENNOT, WNU, P6/P6b/P9, SL1/SL2) forms.


  • Ability to re-run the payroll as many times as you wish even for a single employee
  • Built in HMRC stat checks and defaults prevent payroll and Year End issues
  • Auto number routines enable you to create new employees without having to remember the last number used
  • Auto email key members of your organisation regarding the start date of a new employee (e.g. HR, Office Manager, IT, Training Officer)
  • Tracking of ’right to work’ details – auto prompting of WRS overdue forms
  • Display employee photos within the employee information screens and generate mail merges
  • Produce employee contracts at the click of a button using Microsoft Word®
  • Ability to link external documents to an employee record which can be opened from within Bradfield’s HR Software
  • Full range of Helpdesk support from experienced analysts
  • Ability to automatically calculate and process statutory payments – SSP, ASPP, OSPP, SMP, SAP