Psychometric Testing

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Psychometric Testing

Used effectively, Psychometric testing, can be a useful tool when selecting staff as part of the recruitment process, in career counseling, during the assessment of learning and development needs, in teambuilding or during outplacement.

Whatever your requirements, we help decide on the most appropriate tests and exercises to use in order to ensure the best and most accurate result possible. We are licensed to buy and administer the tests ourselves, and then to score them and to provide you with feedback.

In Recruitment and Selection we will select the appropriate test or tests most likely to assist in the prediction of effective performance in the role. This may be any one of or a selection of ability, aptitude and personality tests. Combined with an interview, the accuracy of the predicted performance in the role can be greatly enhanced.

In Learning and Development, we are able to apply a range of tests and exercises as part of a Development Centre to assist with the identification of skills and knowledge gaps which in turn lead to learning and development needs. Our development centres are devised in conjunction with our clients who see them as a positive way to gain buy in from those who will later go through the Training Programmes set up as a result of the Development Centres.

During Outplacement Projects, career interest questionnaires can be used alongside personality and ability testing to help outgoing members of staff assess their interests, skills and personalities and to determine their future career aspirations.