Performance Management

Our vision is to be recognised in all our operational territories as a primary resource for HR expertise

Performance Management (including Appraisal Schemes & Managing Poor Performance)

Performance management systems can be designed for an organisation, department or an individual employee. The aim is to create an environment that encourages the continued development and progression of business processes and of employee performance to achieve strategic goals.

We will work with your organisation to review existing performance and develop a suitable strategy and structure to encourage improved performance.

In addition or separately, our consultants can work within your business on managing performance, performance measurement, poor performance, performance indicators, objective setting, SMART objectives, performance improvement, performance reviews, performance appraisal, feedback, self-appraisal, team appraisal and appraisal training.

Performance management and appraisal schemes are key tools for personal development and for the success of any organisation. We are able to customise our schemes to meet your needs - 360 degree feedback, performance related pay mechanisms or career development schemes can all be built around the kernel of the system to suit the needs of the client.