Employee Engagement & Staff Surveys

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Employee Engagement & Staff Surveys

Various studies have shown that an unengaged employee may not consciously realise the effect that they are having on their colleagues and on the business itself. Keeping your entire team fully engaged with your organisation is one of the greatest challenges faced by a management team. Getting the best out of your people is key to the success of your business.

Our services include:

  1. Planning your employee survey
  2. Communicating about your survey
  3. Running your survey
  4. Analysing and reporting your results
  5. Benchmarking your results
  6. Survey results feedback
  7. Action planning
  8. Follow up survey

Bradfield can assist your company in the design of bespoke surveys and questionnaires for employees and gauge the prevalent culture in your workplace, identifying areas that could be improved upon in order to optimise morale and motivation.

We will then analyse the results and work alongside you to develop and implement initiatives to support increased employee engagement in the future.