Discipline & Grievances

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Discipline & Grievances

It is crucial for all concerned that your company adheres to employment law and handles discipline and grievance procedures in a way which is fair, objective, and compliant with current legislation.

Discipline and grievance issues are unavoidable within an employment environment and procedures are essential to ensure that all employees are treated equally, issues are managed fairly and objectively and in a manner which is compliant with current legislation. Not handling these issues correctly will detrimentally impact on your resources and reputation.

The benefits of asking Bradfield Group to assist you:

  • We are an independent third party
  • We guarantee legal compliance
  • We minimise risk of an employment tribunal
  • We will ensure you act fully in compliance with ACAS regulations
  • We have a full understanding of required documentation and processes
  • We are well practiced in the management of emotional and sensitive investigations including, discrimination, harassment, bullying or victimisation