CIPD Qualifications

Our vision is to be recognised in all our operational territories as a primary resource for HR expertise

CIPD Qualifications

Improved employability

A CIPD qualification is valued by employers and it will equip you with the knowledge and skills you require to carry out your role effectively

Greater understanding of HR

Our courses are current and continiously updated, so you gain a real understanding of HR in a business context

Increased earning potential

Independent research reveals that individuals with professional qualifications stand to earn £81,000 in additional earning over a lifetime (CCPMO Economic Impact Report, December 2008)

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Foundation Level 3

  • Certificate in HR Practice
  • Diploma in HR Practice
  • Foundation Certificate in L&D
  • Foundation Diploma in L&D

Intermediate Level 5

  • Certificate in HR Management
  • Diploma in HR Management

What our students say

Brilliant CIPD course from the Bradfield Group. The course met all my expectations and I was especially pleased with all the support from the tutors; they were open and friendly and always answered my questions and queries promptly helping make such an intensive and packed course that little bit easier to finish.

Michaela Gibson, Insurance Company, Level 3 CHRP student


Why Bradfield?

Bradfield are specialists in HR and have been an approved CIPD centre since 1992. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of CIPD courses and actively deliver HR consultancy to businesses. Therefore, you can trust Bradfield to bring you a course that is engaging and practical.